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I wasn't well versed in the world of sex toys , and I also wasn't particularly crazy about the few that I did own.

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By Amanda Chatel Jan 29 While not everyone may be having anal sex , more and more are, and anal sex myths are being demolished in the process. Instead, pieces about how great anal sex is and anal sex hacks that will make the experience even better, are becoming the norm.

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While there is some crossover between the two, there are some distinct differences between butt plugs and prostate massagers. Generally, plugs tend to be short and cone- shaped with a flared base.

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" My chest was heaving as he wrapped a length of rope around my wrists.

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I could feel his butt muscles clenching and releasing. Hear his raspy breathing.

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I expected him to come around to stand by me.

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But it was worse when you brought him home and he didn't remember me. It had only been a week.

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I knew right away why you hadn't said anything.

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Then he stilled again.

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How I was going to handle that hot mess.

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