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From: FTV Girls Description: As you saw in her application photos, she's also quite sporty, and if anything, she looks good in skimpy sportswear. So a little demo by the golf course cartwheels, cheer and she's doing a topless dance to music.

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I have an xbox at home. I do play online sometimes when I have time.

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His fingers dug into my skin, his jaw clenched.

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My heart pounded from the adrenaline pumping through my body.

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Answering them, even in my head. Afraid of what they'd reveal about myself.

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I flinched and cooed. Then he was traveling back to the middle and upwards again through the valley.

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My mind was still reeling that he was doing this to me-as delicious as it was-when he hopped up onto the couch into a kneeling position. His hands collected my legs beneath my knees and pressed up, finally spreading me open like I'd wanted to before.

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Fighting internally now between wanting to know what was going on outside this room and getting lost in my lover's charms. His fingers and then his cock pressing between my legs made the decision.

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Nothing. A piece of me had been lost, and I wanted it back.

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Jaw clenched and eyes bright, he swallowed hard three times, his Adam's apple bouncing like a buoy on the water. His fingers twisted tighter in my hair.

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