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Read now 5. Prolonged vomiting Anyone who has been vomiting for more than 24 hours may find that their breath smells sour and like feces.

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You know poop shapes are important, tracking your bowel movements is a thing now, and sometimes poop can be green. But even if you've been dropping logs your whole life, there's a lot of weird and wonderful facts you might not know about feces.

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Last week, with the help of Mary Roach's fascinating book Gulp , I tackled a question surely on the back of everybody's mind: Can you eat via your anus?

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This article is supported by the Gastroenterology task force marked as Low-importance. This article was nominated for deletion on 26 November

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Bowel obstruction: If you suspect you may have a bowel obstruction, seek immediate, emergency medical attention.

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" "Hmm.

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And then I couldn't stop.

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"I decided I needed fulltime employment.

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When I first met him, he had his basement all set up for meetings. They were nothing like the ones I was used to going to here.

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